Baby Tummy Oil 30ml With Dropper



  • Lively Living’s Organic Baby Tummy Oil is a versatile, organic tummy soother, thoughtfully created with the highest quality pure botanical extracts & essential oils. Designed for upset tummies, this organic blend is gentle and safe for your baby’s healthy digestive process. Lively Living’s Baby Tummy Oil is soothing and comforting and to be applied directly to the tummy area with gentle hands.


  • The  exceptionally nurturing blend of therapeutic and organic plant oils has been formulated with only the gentlest of ingredients for absolute safe and effective application for baby and child care.
  • Select active natural  ingredients deliver calming and soothing properties to  support a healthy digestive process
  • Premium Organic Olive, Organic Jojoba and Organic Almond oils, are used to blend the formulation for ease in application direct to sore tummies.
  • Convenient dropper application for ease in use.


  • Aid Digestion: 
    The gentle essential oils used in this blend along with a gentle tummy massage, may assist digestion, and may  assist to reduce the discomforts of gas or bowel irritation.
  • Colic: Infant colic is described as unexplained crying  which often can  last for  several hours. The cause is unknown, yet theories include immaturity of the bowel, food allergies and ‘gas’ or ‘wind’. In some cases, soothing the stomach area may be helpful.
  • Sleep:
    Babies and children whom are finding it difficult to settle, can create a tightness in the tummy and a ‘tummy ache’ and  may  benefit and enjoy a gentle tummy rub to help ease them into relaxation and sleep.


  • Gently massage 3-5 drops in a clockwise direction onto the tummy. Repeat hourly if required.

Always check with a health care practitioner if symptoms persist.

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Baby Tummy Oil 30ml With Dropper
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