Popular Baby Names for 2024

Is your new little bundle due in 2024? Well, we have put together a list of popular (and unique) name trends for 2024 babies.
According to Nameberry “the perfect baby name for 2024 is one that is ahead of the style curve, personally significant and identity-defining”. (Pamela Redmond, Founder of Nameberry).
Trend 1 – Girls Names for Boy 
Blair, Eden, Fern, Florence, Harlow, Hazel, Juno, Lotus, Morgan, Noa, Raven, Romy, Sunny, Willow and Winter
Trend 2 – Feminist Girls Names
Arwin, Billie, Clover, Dahlia, Halston, Kiara, Lavender, Prescott, Malone, Matilda, Mavis, Melrose, Sinclair, Vienna and Winslow.
Trend 3 – Names for Adults not Babies
Agnes, Alfred, Betty, Cedric, Florence, Georgina, Harold, Heath, Lionel, Maxine, Roland, Rita, Stanley and Sylvia
Trend 4 – Atmospheric Names
Aero, Aura, Azure, Celestial, Lightning, Lumi, Nevada, Rain, Sol, Sky, Snow, Stormi and Zephyr
Trend 5 – Natural Glamour
Archie, Asha, Conrad, Cormac, Daphne, Freya, Greta, Harris, Harvey, Laith, Lorcan, Mabel, Oren, Thea, Torin, Vera and Viola
Trend 6 – Here I am Names
Anakin, Catalina, Esmerelda, Everest, Jetson, Kenzo, Marigold, Maximo, Neo, Ophelia, Primrose, Raya, Winry and Zaire
Trend 7 – Gentle Names
Alfie, Asa, Casper, Clement, Faye, Fia, Florian, Ines, Koa, Oisin, Rafe, Rhea, Soraya, Valo and Willa
Trend 8 – Smart Baby Names
Astra, Cosmo, Darwin, Edison, Hutton, Link, Mars, Meridian, Octavia, Ova, Onyx, Solar, Una, Vela, Wave and Zenith
Trend 9 – Names with an AI
Alakai, Akai, Cai, Jakai, Khai, Kasai, Lorelai, Sai, Sinai, Zai and Zakai
Trend 10 – Musical Icon Names
Arlo, Bowie, Coltrane, Denver, Graceland, Iggy, Jethro, Jett, Joni, Lennon, Pixie, Stevie, Zeppelin and Ziggy
There certainly is plenty to choose from in 2024!

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