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Creating a safe, calming and nurturing sleeping environment and routine for your baby!

We all want to provide a safe sleeping environment for our babies. According to Red Nose Australia, a safe place for your baby to sleep (both night and day) is one that has a safe cot, with a safe mattress, with safe bedding and in a safe place.

A safe cot should meet the current Australian Standard AS2172 with a flat, clean, firm mattress that is the correct size for the cot. Safe bedding is also important, as soft and bulky surfaces and bedding actually increase the risk of sudden infant death.

Our friends at The Sleeping Co also understand the correlation of your babies sleep environment to how well your baby is sleeping. Whilst so many of us parents are worried about what colour to paint the walls and what soft furnishings we can put in the nursery, what matters the most is that your baby can sleep well in it.  They recommend that all light sources are removed from the room, including pesky light spill from under the door, through the curtains or blinds, and off baby monitors and other electrical items in the nursery.  

The introduction of white noise can also be an effective tool for getting your baby to sleep. White noise replicates the sounds of the womb, and it is now known that pink noise, with frequencies found in noises such as rain sound, slows down brain waves, allowing for a deeper and longer sleep. Just make sure your white noise machine, such as our Aroma-Snooze Diffuser (night light and white noise machine all in one), is at least 1.5m away from the cot and no louder than 60-65 decibels.

Now you have a safe and calming environment for your little one to go to sleep, you might want to try these tips from The Sleeping Co on how to establish a positive sleep routine.

Closing the curtains

Nappy Change

Putting on your baby’s swaddle or sleeping bag

Reading a bedtime story

Having a cuddle and/or singing a lullaby

Turning your white noise on

Saying your sleep phrase to your baby

The information above is advisory only and sourced from Red Nose Australian, The Sleeping Co and Lively Living.

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