Colour Psychology and your Baby!

As the World trends towards more optimism (hallelujah), designers have started to combine ultra-bright and colourful designs with Scandi and Japandi principles! As thus colourful minimalism is borne.

“Why is this important to my baby and I” you may ask?

Colour is an unbeatable way to communicate. Colour can ‘evoke emotions, inspire reactions, and change modes of thinking. It can excite or soothe your mood, raise or lower your blood pressure, and even whet your appetite”. (colourpsychology.org)

A variety of colours provides stimulation for babies. A baby raised in a stimulating environment is more likely to reach his/her development milestones faster, according to Health First and Enfamil.

As your baby/toddler continues to grow, the inclusion of colour in their nursery carries critical importance in the development of the cognitive and motor skills (Renk Etkisi).

From 3 months of age, experts say most babies are able to see colour, with a preference to bright primary colours for brain stimulation (Essential Baby).

When colours are placed in front of two babies, they tend to spend most time looking at blue, red, purple and orange and the shortest time on brown.

1-2 year old – as your baby becomes a toddler, their oral language development begins and it is during this time they start to differentiate between colours. This is a great time to introduce new colours and patterns.

Not only are colours and patterns critical for your child’s development and recognition of significant visual hues, colour can impact and evoke feelings of happiness, anger, calming, fussiness and frustration.

With a neutral base for your nursery, you can begin to introduce and layer patterns and colour with soft furnishings that can easily be updated or rotated. Beige shouldn’t be the end of the colour journey for your child.

We have created a Free downloadable Guide to Your Baby’s Colour Journey, which includes an easy-to-read chart.

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